2022. Volume XXV

No 4

Social Theory
Markku Kivinen
Marx on Class and State: Legacy and Critique (7-27)
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Nikolay Rozov
Humanism of Orders and Organized Violence: An Analysis of Social Evolution Trends (28-45)
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Political Sociology
Denis Tev
Business as a Source of Recruitment of Members of The Russian Federal Government in 2000–2021 (46-78)
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Economic Sociology
Mikhail Demidov, Marina Kashina
Assessment by Women Entrepreneurs of the Importance of Resources and Measures of State Support for Small Businesses (Case Study of the Leningrad Region) (79-112)
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Sociology of Family
Yury Pustovoyt, Valentina Pel, Sergey Koba
The Dynamics of Images of Family, Friendship, and Work in the Context of Generational Change Theories (Based on Focus Groups in the Siberian Metropolis) (113-139)
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Alina Yanak
A Factorial Model of Paternal Involvement (140-176)
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Aleksandr Malyshev
The Infrastructure of Support for Involved Fatherhood (177-207)
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Tourism Studies
Olga Rogach, Elena Frolova
Assessing the Readiness of the Population to Participate in Tourism Development Practices (208-235)
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Book Review
Konstantin Galkin
Book Review: Lupton D., Southerton C., Clark M., Watson A. (2021) The Face Mask in COVID Times: A Sociomaterial Analysis. Berlin: De Gruyter. — 115 p. (236-246)
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